FULL DAY 7 hours


Optional: Vatican Museums -Sistine Chapel and St.Peter’s

This exclusive private tour is led by an English speaking driver/escort that has an in-depth knowledge of the district and all its traditional features, historical, aesthetic and gastronomic. He is capable to transfer knowledge and unique emotions and offer the guarantee of punctuality, politeness, discretion and efficiency.

you will be met by your English speaking driver/escort at your hotel or residence at 09.00 AM

Within those 7 hours you will have a chance to visit most of the important Historical sites of the Eternal City.

Providing the perfect introduction to the city.

the designed itinerary includes: 

VENICE SQUARE (drive by)

It is usually considered the center of Rome. It is dominated by the colossal monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of Italy, and is one of the tallest buildings of Rome 

CAPITOLINE Hill ( Roman Forum overview)

The Capitoline Hill was the political and religious center of ancient Rome, and is the most important, even if the smallest, of the seven legendary hills around which developed. Since the end of the 11C it has been the seat of the government of the city. 

ROMAN FORUM (drive by)

The Roman Forum is one of the most evocative places in Rome. It was the heart of ancient Rome, and here is reflected almost every event of importance in Rome’s development, from the time of the kings through the Republican and Imperial eras to the Middle Ages



The Colosseum is the most famous monument of ancient Rome, and has been an emblem of Rome’s eternity for centuries. It is the largest amphitheater (two theatres together) ever built by the Romans, used for gladiatorial fights and wild beasts fights for almost 5 centuries. Its unique design was copied in similar buildings all over the Empire. 


CIRCUS Maximus and PALATINE Hill (stop)